Enrollment Scanners

  • BioDual

    The BioDual fingerprint reader is an ideal device for highly secure two-factor authentication application. The BioDual reader combines fingerprint scanner and a ISO7816 contact & ISO14443 Type A/B contactless combo smart card reader into one device. A user can register fingerprint and store on smart card or MoC with a freshly captured fingerprint at the time of authentication. The BioDual reader is absolutely your logical choice for various applications such as civil ID registration, e-KYC, biometric ID authentication, etc. Contact us for more information.

  • BioPalm

    The BioPalm™ scanner is the most compact and lightest fingerprint and palmprint livescan device in the industry for criminal identification, forensic analysis and suspect enrollment. The BioPalm™ employs the most advanced optical technology and dedicated special light sources that enables users to obtain the highest quality images including tenprints, rolls, writer’s and palm print. The BioPalm™ is optimal device for government and law enforcement agencies handling AFIS criminal bookings and forensic applications. Contact us for more information.


  • BioSlap

    The BioSlap™ is the compact FAP60 tenprint live scanner to capture 4-fingers slap, two thumbs and rolled fingerprint simultaneously. The BioSlap™ employs the most advanced optical technology and dedicated special light sources that allows high speed fingerprint capturing and seamless image processing, which ensure the best image quality for slap prints as well as for rolled fingerprints. The BioSlap™ is absolutely your logical choice for all your civil or criminal identification applications. Contact us for more information. 

  • BioSlim

    The BioSlim™ is a compact fingerprint scanner that meets the stringent biometric standard FBI PIV IQS specs and complies with MOSIP standard. It delivers the reliable results for applicant biometric fingerprint identity management. The BioSlim™ employs the most advanced optical technology, algorithm and dedicated special light source that allow high speed fingerprint image capturing and template signature which ensure the best image quality and security of prints. The BioSlim™ is absolutely your logical choice for applications such as ID authentication, e-KYC, ATM integration, etc. Contact us for more information.