All-in-One Enrollment Kiosk

  • BioCombo

    The BioCombo™ is a rugged biometric enrollment terminal which is ideal choice for national ID programs, Visa issuing, immigration and border control. The BioCombo™ is configured with 4-4-2 slap scanner FBI certified, web camera, LCD monitor which can guide the users to operate the device during the entire process of biometric data collection. The integrated auto-capture functionality ensures rapid capturing of high quality image and eliminates the possible reprint issue. Contact us for more information. 

  • BioKiosk

    The BioKiosk™ is a patent protected all-in-one mobile enrollment kit which combines 17″ laptop, fingerprint scanner, signature pad, barcode reader, web camera, ID card reader and other component parts. There is no any removable parts from the Kiosk to ensure the stability and performance in the process of registration. The BioKiosk™ can be customized as per customer’s needs, to remove or integrate new items. The BioKiosk™ is absolutely your logical choice for all your criminal bookings and civil related biometric enrollment applications. Contact us for more information. 

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