The eID verification project for Bank of Jiangsu

In order to further implement the compliance and efficient management of e-ID documents holder visiting abroad for either business or private reasons, the head office of Bank of Jiangsu has integrated and deployed the IDPass full page e-Passport reader based on the existing human resource information management system. The customized new system can quickly identify the passport information and status of e-ID documents and enable the e-ID documents holder to pick up and return e-ID documents from automatic cabinet [...]

FBI’s Mobile ID certification for smart terminals

We are pleased to announce that our BioTablet™ and BioMatch™ smart terminal got FBI EBTS Appendix F Mobile ID certification. On March 18, 2017, the BioTablet™  and BioMatch™ are officially listed on FBI’s website. Both BioTablet™ and BioMatch™ are Android based biometric device designed to rapidly authenticate the identity of an individual by using their secure and biometric data. The devices deliver the highest degree of speed and accuracy for mobile fingerprint capture to ensure the best image quality required and [...]

BioSlim fingerprint reader was approved for FBI’s PIV certification

We are pleased to announce that our BioSlim™ fingerprint reader got FBI PIV IQS certification. On March 18, 2017, the BioSlim™ is officially listed on FBI’s website. The BioSlim™ is an industrial level fingerprint reader on the market that delivers accurate and reliable results for biometric ID enrollment and identification. The BioSlim™  supports Windows family and  Linux OS which make the device to be a good option for a wide range of ID enrollment and identification application.

FBI’s Appendix F certification for BioSlap

We are pleased to announce that our BioSlap™ ten-print live scanner got FBI’s IAFIS Appendix F certification. On February 11, 2017, the BioSlap™ is officially listed on FBI’s website. The BioSlap™ is designed to capture four finger slaps, two thumbs and rolled fingers simultaneously. It features with extra wide platen, smart indicators during fingerprint capture, automatic sequence and image quality check, etc. The BioSlap™ is ideal choice for voter registration, e-document issuance, criminal bookings, etc. 

The eID verification project for bank in Thailand

On June 21, 2016, BioID Technologies Limited was awarded a contract of 120 units of the IDPass™ reader for one of the state-owned banks in Thailand. The IDPass™ readers are deployed at the major airports to verify the identity of passort holder and prevent identity fraud when they make money exchange. More IDPass™ readers are to be deployed at other airports at the end of this year.  

e-Passport project in Philippine

On February 25, 2015, BioID Technologies Limited managed to deploy its IDPass™ reader for Philippine immigration authority. More than 260 units of IDPass™ reader are installed at the counter of border control. This is another milestone for BioID Technologies Limited to expand the business of travel document identification for immigration control and border security on the global marketplace.

AFIS Project in Vietnam

On August 25, 2014, BioID Technologies Limited was awarded the contract of livescan device for police authority in Vietnam. This award is to upgrade the previous integrated automatic fingerprint identification which is out of date and unable to meet the increasingly needs to handle the heavy workload every day. More than 65 units of palm scanner are delopyed at this stage.

Background check project in U.S

On May 26, 2013, BioID Technologies Limited was awarded the contract of livescan devices with our consortium partners. This pilot project is for employee’s background check. All employees are to be fingerprinted and checked before getting employed. We provided a turnkey solution including printing software for FD258 cards.

Voter registration project in Nigeria

On March 16, 2010, BioID Technologies Limited was awarded the contract of 30,000 units of fingerprint scanner through our channel partner. This order was released by Independent Nigerian Election Commission (INEC) for 2011 general election. We made this delivery of 30,000 units within 45 days successfully, which was a great challenge for production and logistics. There are totally 120,000 units of data capture device (DDC) required for this excercise.

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