Law Enforcement

Iraq Police HQ Selected BioID Technologies to Enhance Palmprint Livescan System

With the increasing social security issues and criminal cases, the police forces have a lot of cases to deal with every day in Iraq. In order to improve the existing fingerprint identification system and the efficiency of case handling, the General Administration of Iraq police decided to deploy more advanced ABIS and palm scanner for crimianl enrollment and identification. For that purpose, our BioPalm livescan devices are selected and deployed for national police stations. On September 20, a team lead [...]

National Immigration Administration Trusted BioID Technologies for Border Control Solution

Border management is critical to the security of any nation. Identity is at the heart of effective security and at the core of the visitor screening and border control challenge. In order to enhance security through biometric identification and determine if a person is using an alias and attempting to fraudulent identification, the National Immigration Administration began to collect all fingerprints of foreign visitors. BioID Technologies’ BioSlap rugged tenprint enrollment scanner is selected to capture tenprints checked against the entire database [...]